Skinny Shirataki Noodles Reviews

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Healthy Dad
Robert, Hollywood, California
Unbelievable. These are delicious, and as a diabetic, I'm thrilled I can start eating loads of pasta again. Regular folks will love it too...guilt-free pasta. Wow. This stuff isn't exactly like regular pasta, but it's pretty darn close...Try it in soups, and with marinara sauce.

Jody, Glenn Dale, Maryland
Had my first bag of the low carb angel hair pasta. It was pretty darn good (even my picky, carb-loving boyfriend said it was good!)...Overall a great success and it was the perfect day for it to come in since the rest of the family had spaghetti, for once I didn't feel left out. Thanks so much!

Kathy, Salinas, California
Just had my first 'skinny noodle' meal. Very filling..and was very easy to prepare! So versatile and great for your digestive system. I'm going to stock up...and lose weight by eating my skinny noodle meals!

Healthy Mom and ChildEmi, Los Angeles, California
I was trying to lose weight after having a baby. I was trying to find something to substitute for pasta because I love pasta. I like eating nice healthy dinners, and my cousin recommended Skinny Noodles. I loved them and I ate them 3 to 4 times a week. I wanted to eat something filling for dinner because I was on a low calorie diet. Even though I ate a lot and I felt full, I did not feel heavy and kept my energy.
 I was determined to lose the baby weight. While eating Skinny Noodles and working out, I lost 23 pounds in 3 months.

Vicky, Pasadena, California
I LOVE SKINNY NOODLES - some Arrabiata sauce and cannellini beans - perfection and NO GUILT. Rock on Skinny Noodles......

Sandra, South Ogden, Utah
...Went to your website and everything [was] priced reasonably and fastest service ever. I love your skinny noodles, and the rice and will buy from skinny noodles from now on. I placed my first order and had the product in less than 5 days and also received a coupon order. You have no shipping fee. You have a customer for life here! I am ordering again today.

JoAnne, Colorado
Can't wait to try this....thanks for all the great recipes - every one I've made is really good!

Kim, Long Beach, California
This is great that it has 0 calories! It is great for vegans and vegetarians.

Annie, Los Angeles, California

When I opened the bag, it smelled a little bit like fish. But when I rinsed the noodle, the smell went away. So, don't worry about the smell. I have diabetes. This is a lifesaver for diabetics! This has become a part of my diet now. How did I not know about Skinny Noodles until now?! It must be the secret of the Japanese to not being overweight and living longer!

Dr. Marilyn Joyce,
Tried it tonight - and it was amazing! Yummy!!

Adrienne Bankert of CBS 11
reports on Skinny Noodles Shirataki, the 0 calorie pasta that's actually good for you!

Adrienne Bankert of CBS reports on Skinny Noodles Shirataki
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