Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Skinny Noodles Auto Ship CarrierIn general, how long does delivery take? When will I receive my order?

*COVID 19 UPDATE: Safety is our top priority. As a result, you may experience shipping delays on Skinny Noodles items. SmartCakes are shipping on schedule.
IMPORTANT: Due to unprecedented volume and limited employee availability caused by Covid 19, USPS is currently experiencing delivery delays. USPS Priority Mail delivery speeds are typically 2-5 business days, but may take up to 10-14 business days to arrive. We appreciate your patience. [Updated 11/1/22.]

We ship Skinny Noodles and Skinny Rice by USPS Priority Mail generally within 3-5 business days (often much sooner). You should receive Skinny Noodles and Skinny Rice orders 3-4 business days after the shipping date (see current Covid 19/USPS alert above). We will send a tracking number by email after the order is prepped for shipment. We currently ship to military/APO addresses and the US territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands. We are unable to ship food items outside the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shipping Address
Please check the shipping address thoroughly before submitting an order. If you notify us of a shipping address correction before shipping, we will attempt to correct it. However once your order is picked up by USPS, we are unable to make changes. We are not responsible for items that are lost or undeliverable due to incomplete or insufficient address. Returned orders are subject to a reshipping fee, or will be cancelled/refunded less a 25 percent return processing fee.

Cold Weather Advisory

Below freezing temperatures may cause packages of Skinny Noodles and Skinny Rice to burst, leak, or freeze during transport (cargo holds are not temperature-controlled). If they become frozen, Skinny Noodles may fall apart after thawing. Genki USA does not guarantee, replace, or refund items damaged due to weather conditions. If you are expecting temperatures below freezing in your area, we recommend postponing your order until better weather and/or warmer temperatures are forecast. We appreciate your understanding.

SmartCake Shipping
SmartCakes (Smart Baking products) are shipped from a separate warehouse via USPS Priority Mail. SmartCakes generally ship within 7-10 business days after the order is placed. If you order SmartCake items along with Skinny Noodles items, they will ship out in two separate shipments. Once SmartCakes have shipped, sale is consider final (no returns or exchanges). For more information on SmartCakes and their shipping, please click here.

What's the shelf life of SmartCake?
SmartCakes must be stored in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and optimal freshness. If not consumed immediately, it's recommended to freeze or refrigerate them. If frozen, thaw on the counter for approximately 20 minutes or until soft. Please consume before the expiration date printed on packages.

How can I learn more about Skinny Noodles Auto Ship program?
To learn more about Skinny Noodles Auto Ship and saving up to 15% on every order, click here.

If you need to change the frequency of your recurring shipments or cancel, please contact us by phone or email to make arrangements. Please provide your 5-digit Auto Ship order number when you contact us, if possible.

Where can I find the nutrition facts and ingredient lists for Skinny Noodles?
Please click here. You also can find the nutrition facts and ingredients on every product page. Scroll under the images and click on the tabs marked "Nutrition Facts" or "Ingredients" next to the tab marked "Description."

Can you freeze shirataki noodles like Skinny Noodles?
Short answer: No. When shirataki noodles like Skinny Noodles become frozen, their texture changes and they tend to fall apart when thawed. That's why every package of Skinny Noodles is marked: Do not freeze.

Do you allow substitutions?
We do no allow substitutions on any assortments or other items.

How long can I store unopened packages of Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice"?
Preservative-free Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice" shirataki have a shelf life of 12 months. Please check the expiration date printed on the back of the package. Unopened packages can be stored in a cool dry place, but we recommend storing them in the refrigerator for best results. Do not freeze Skinny Noodles or Skinny "Rice" since it may damage the products and cause packages to leak or burst.
Skinny Noodles Salad
How long can I keep Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice" after opening the package?
Refrigerate unused portions in an airtight container along with any leftover liquid from the original package. If there is not enough liquid to cover the remaining Skinny Noodles or "Rice," add enough water to cover them. Consume within 2 days. We do not recommend eating leftover Skinny Noodles or "Rice" after 2 days.

Why do Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice" have an "odd" smell?
Don't worry! The ocean-like scent comes from a combination of konnyaku (a root vegetable native to Asia) and the natural alkaline water used to keep Skinny Noodles and "Rice" fresh and shelf-stable with no preservatives. The scent is typical of this popular Japanese food and does not mean there is anything wrong with the products. When you drain and rinse Skinny Noodles and "Rice" thoroughly, the scent disappears completely and leaves behind no taste. If you like, try our Vinegar Tip: Open package of Skinny Noodles, drain and transfer to a bowl; add 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar, gently mix into noodles, set aside 1-2 minutes. The vinegar will neutralize the alkaline to remove the smell. Rinse thoroughly and drain well. Microwave, parboil, or dry fry noodles, and enjoy in your favorite recipes.

Where are Skinny Noodles and "Rice" made?
To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, all Skinny Noodles and "Rice" products are made in the USA -- right here in sunny Southern California.

How to I cook Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice"?
Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice" are pre-cooked. Just drain Skinny Noodles and "Rice" into a colander, rinse well with warm water (if you like, you can add a drop or two of vinegar to the water), rinse and drain again. You can parboil in water about 2-3 minutes; drain well to further remove the natural scent of Skinny Noodles and "Rice," and serve as you would any noodles with your favorite sauce, broth, or seasoning.

Heating / Cooking Suggestions:
  • Heat in a dry skillet for 1-2 minutes on medium heat, then enjoy!
  • Heat in the microwave about 1 minutes, drain again, and serve.

Watch Skinny Noodles Preparation with Chef Tommy!

How much fiber do Skinny Noodles and Skinny "Rice" contain?

We have had the nutrition facts verified by an independent third party. Each serving (1/2 package) contains...
  • Skinny Noodles Spaghetti: 3 grams of fiber
  • Skinny Noodles Angel Hair: 3 grams of fiber
  • Skinny Noodles Macaroni: 3 grams of fiber
  • Skinny Noodles Ramen-Style: 4 grams of fiber
  • Skinny "Rice": 3 grams of fiber

Are Skinny Noodles & Skinny "Rice" weight loss and diabetic friendly?
Yes! Why? Each type is...
  • Zero to Low Calorie
  • Zero Fat
  • Very Low Carb
  • 3-4 Grams of Dietary Fiber
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto
  • No cholesterol
  • Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Kosher Certified
  • Made in USA